Newcastle Central Mosque is a vibrant and active Mosque in the North East of England hosting the daily prayers for hundreds of worshippers as well as many regular activities, classes and events for the local community. We’ve held Open days, seminars with Scholars, events for children and women and so much more!  We’ve also hosted international and renowned Scholars and Speakers who have benefitted our community and supported our New Mosque Project. 


Newcastle Central Mosque was established in 2003 to serve the needs of our local community. Situated in the west end of Newcastle, the mosque which used to house an old Victorian building has now become a focal point for Muslims from across the north east region.
Since its establishment the Mosque’s services have rapidly expanded to keep up with the growing demand. Activities and events now range from a simple prayer gathering to afterschool classes, community events, providing Islamic advice on social problems, holding fitness classes, Islamic awareness dinners and more.
As a result of this level of activity, we are struggling to cope with the number of attendees and demand for services with our current facilities hence the commencement of our New Mosque Project.
We hope you will look upon our project favourably and be encouraged to assist us in our vision for a peaceful and prosperous relationship between communities in the north east.


Newcastle upon Tyne is a historic city with archaeological remains dating back to its earliest settlements in Roman times. The mosque itself is situated over the Vallum (ditch) along the path of Hadrian’s wall (a world heritage site) which reaches across the region from east to west. It owes it’s name to the ‘new castle’ that was built in 1080. Many cities can boast beautiful bridges, but we have seven within the space of half a mile, all visible from ‘Quayside’. The Tyne Bridge (pictured) being an international icon and the basis for Australia’s Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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