Due to the large volume of people who usually attend the Eid prayer, we have decided to make 10 separate Jama’ah times, they are listed below. Each time slot has a limited space due to the social distancing guidelines within the masjid, therefore a registration is required to reserve a space, once all spaces are taken you will need to look at a different time slot.

We understand this may be frustrating for a lot of people, however we believe these regulations are necessary right now, and we ask Allah that He removes this difficulty from us. Ameen.

Please be conscious of the following guidance:

  • We encourage all those who are fit and healthy, with no underlying health conditions to attend. Attendance is limited to Men, Women and Children above the age of 10. We advise our elders to not attend, especially if they have underlying health conditions or have any weakness/frailty.
  • Women have 2 dedicated slots (8.00am & 8.40am) for them to come and perform the Eid salah, they must not attend any other slots.
  • If you are unable to get a ticket, you are allowed to pray the Eid salah at home with family.
  • As Eid is going to be on Friday, it is permissible in Islam to either attend the Eid prayer or attend Jummah, one does not have to attend both. Due to limited capacity in the masjid, we strongly advise everyone to pray the Eid prayer in the masjid, and then to pray Dhuhr at home instead of Jummah.
  • Please continue following all guidelines that we have been following over the past few weeks, these include:
    – Making Wudhu at home (There are no wudhu facilities in the Masjid right now)
    –  Bringing your own prayer mat.
    –  In order to maintain social distancing, handshakes and hugs are strictly not allowed, please make dua for each other from a distance.
    –  Wearing face masks are mandatory once inside.
    –  Parking considerately, everyone will be in a rush on Eid, however that is not an excuse to cause problems to others and especially our neighbours.