Due to the large volume of people who usually attend the Friday Jummah prayer, we have decided to make 3 separate Jummah times. Each timeslot has a limited space due to the social distancing guidelines within the masjid, therefore a registration is required to reserve a space, once all spaces are taken you will need to look at a different time slot.

We understand this may be frustrating for a lot of people, however we believe these regulations are necessary right now, and we ask Allah that He removes this difficulty from us. Ameen.

Please note, prior to this you need to have completed the general Masjid ticket registration form as well! This can be found at:

Please be conscious of the following Islamic guidance:

  • Every adult male who is comfortable attending the masjid during this Covid-19 period and does not have any health conditions must try his utmost to register for the Jumuah prayer, or find a Masjid in his locality to perform the Jummah.
  • In the event of there being no available Jumuah slots/facility available (due to the implementation of current government based regulations); a person should comfortably observe the Dhuhr prayer at home, as the obligation of Jummah will be lifted accordingly as per the merciful directives of the Shariah in these circumstances.
  • If you are unable to attend jummah due to the restrictions, a person will not be sinful. In fact, he will be rewarded the full reward of observing the entire Jummah proceedings, due to the situation being beyond their control and because of their sincere intentions, inshaAllaah

Please note:

1) There will be three jummah khutbah’s performed to allow more people to perform their prayers.

2) The khutbah and salah will be shortened and will not exceed 20 mins in total.

3) If you have registered for a general salaah pass you MUST still book a space for jummah.

4) Spaces are limited. Only book a space if you are definitely able to attend. Otherwise you may be depriving someone else of a place.

5) The Masjid Gates will shut 5 minutes before the start time after which you will need to wait for the next time slot.