Taraweeh Prayers
Taraweeh Prayers are open to both Brothers & Sisters. We advise people not to bring children under the age of 6 as this may cause disruption. Upon entering the Masjid, Brothers are to use the left path & downstairs hall. Sisters are to use the right path, front staircase & the School Toilets.


Crèche Facility
This will be available during the May half term holidays only. The Crèche facility is for children aged 2-8 and will be £2 per child. Any mothers with children can pray in the ‘Mother & Toddler Room’ in classroom 10 in the School.


Iftar Meals
Iftar will be provided for Brothers only in the Masjid extension area. To sponsor an Iftar contact Brother Jamal on 07977 400 583.


Car Parking
Please park considerately without causing disruption especially to our neighbours.


Zakat Al-Fitr
A suggested amount of £5pp should be paid before the 27th night of Ramadan, allowing enough time for it to be distributed properly.


Eid Al-Fitr
The Eid Prayer prayer will be held on 14th/15th June 2018 at the Newcastle Trampoline Park. The Eid Salah will be at 8am – Further details to follow.